Profile Hi, I'm ItzPeto! This is my little website.
It's inspired by the old '90s webpage design (Geocities pages if you will ).

Here is some basic information about me:

  • I'm from Slovakia
  • I love anime and japanese culture
  • Passionate about Windows
  • I also play some games like Azur Lane, Minecraft, GTA V etc.
  • I'm a programmer (not a good one tho) but I mainly focus on web development
  • My frequently used languages are HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python.
  • I'm working on a Discord bot called Chieri
  • Developer at Bytecloud.cz

warning Important announcement warning

This website will stop getting updated because I no longer have the time and energy to maintain 2 websites like this. That means that some features might break over time (e.g. File Uploader). I can't promise that I will ever return to this project. If you want to see my up-to-date website head over HERE.


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